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DJ & Slope Ft. Profile Elite

DJ & Slope Ft. Profile Elite

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Front Hub
Rear Hub

The Signature 26" wheel set is the premier dirt jump and Slopestyle wheel-set. No compromises were made in the design & build of this set. We sacrifice minor weight savings for overall strength and ride quality. Made from the best, for the best.

We believe the signature series is the most optimal configuration for a wheel set. having no brake on the front and almost equal flange distance on the rear, provides a far stronger build. & the silver hub/spoke/nipple combination make for a timeless look that'll make any bike stand out. 

We do offer custom creations, but at no compromise of strength. 

Built with; profile elite or Z-coaster hubs

Dt swiss competition spokes, brass squorx proloc nipples, PHR stainless washers.



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